Meet some of our key ambassadors. Those that rely on Goal Zero to power their #solarlife.


Driven by a passion to capture the most unique perspective not yet thought of, Krystle Wright is a pioneering photographer from Australia who is accelerating the awareness and visibility of the most extreme sports and their athletes of the world. On a continual quest to challenge herself and others mentally and physically, Krystle consistently brings attention to the demanding adventures and landscapes that the public is rarely fortunate enough to be exposed to.





Since his humble beginnings as a young climber exploring the granite outcrops around his home near Canberra, Duncan has gone on to become one of Australia’s most prolific first ascensionists and climbing pioneers, racking up nearly 1000 first ascents of boulders, traditional climbs, sport climbs, deep water solos, adventurous multi pitches and aid routes across Australia, Asia, Central Asia and Europe. Searching for unclimbed rock across the globe is Duncan’s passion and with a world full of untapped possibilities, there’s always something to fuel his passion for exploration and stepping into (and on to) the unknown.





Currently based out of Brisbane Australia, Joshua is a multi-skilled outdoors enthusiast with a passion for adventure and flight. Raised in the high-country of the Rocky Mountains above the town of Boulder Colorado, USA, Joshua has a great appreciation for the mountains, rivers, environment and our co-existence with nature and the elements. From a young age, Joshua engaged professionally and recreationally in a range of outdoor and flight-related pursuits; while learning to fly light aircraft, high-performance wing-suits and paragliders in the mountains, he also developed rock climbing and hiking/mountaineering skills and considers them as base skills for any adventurer.

Having worked as a skydiving instructor, professional international BASE Jumping athlete, and pioneering speedflying in SE Qld Australia, Joshua has co-written ‘Speedflying Reference Guide’ (author Tim James), appeared in international adventure films, worked and performed with some of the world’s leading professional adventure athletes/photographers.



Chances are if you have viewed at ARB catalogue, read Overland Journal or lusted over a NT Tourism image, you have witnessed the amazing works of Michael Ellem’s photography. Michael is one of Australia’s leading outback photographers with over 25 years’ experience and Goal Zero has completely changed the way he can charge his camera and drone equipment. A 4WD lover at heart, Michael combines his passion with work in Outback Australia to create so many diverse images through utilising textures, colours and characteristics. Having worked for many top vehicle manufactures, magazines and retailers, Michael has seen many remote parts of Australia that many would only dream about.




“Filming in the most rugged and remote destinations in Australia has its fair share of challenges and power is definitely one of them. We are out there, off grid, for 10 weeks at a time and its critical to have a power solution that can keep up with us. Just charging all our camera gear to make sure we don’t miss a thing requires constant power and Goal Zero plays a big role in making this happen. Goal Zero powers our adventures” – Jase Andrews





Although he’s always loved cameras it wasn’t until he borrowed a friends Canon EOS 5 that Stu fell in love with still photography. Stu entered adventure sports photography folklore when in 2010, he was the “Energy” category winner in the prestigious Red Bull Illume Image Quest. Two of his images were then selected as top 50 finalists in the 2012 edition; a competition with over 28,000 entries from 124 countries. The competitions have been one of many notches in the belt for the Tasmanian, cementing himself as one of the best up-and-coming, adventure “camera clickers” in the world.

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