2018 Distributor Update

Portable Solar Power for Camping

Sydney-based Consumer Electronic distributor and Motorsport retailer, V-Sport Australia are proud to announce the addition of Goal Zero to their growing list of innovative brands, including GoPro, SP Connect, BodyGuardz Mobile Protection and Intense Cycles, USA.

V-Sport will take on Goal Zero’s wide range of portable, renewable power solutions from Solar Panels and Rechargeable Lithium Batteries to Lighting, Speakers, Powerbanks, and accessories. From professional ‘off-grid’ solutions for 4×4, content creators and adventure enthusiasts, to emergency power and lighting for the home.

Goal Zero is a business created by people with a shared vision inspired by the passion for adventure, respect for the planet and a humanitarian heart. It was born in the African village of Bwe, providing power and lighting to a community desperately seeking a better way of life. V-Sport supports the values and ideals driving the business behind Goal Zero to improve the world we live in, for everyone, regardless of factors like location and socio-economic status.

V-Sport’s appointment to Australian distributor of Goal Zero is effective from April 1, 2018, with stock available from late April.

Please contact our CE Sales team on (02) 9679 8644 or email orders@vsport.com.au for all commercial enquiries.

V-SPORT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD – (02) 9679 8644 – orders@vsport.com.au

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

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