Typical Power Consumption

Typical Power Consumption

ItemVoltsWatts (Continuous)Watts (Peak)Hours per DayDuty CycleWatt hours/day
Electric blanket23015035080.1126
Slow Cooker2302502508.25625
Fridge 450 Litre230100120024.25750
Chest Freezer 400 Litre230115120024.25862
Fridge 600 Litre230160120024.251200
Microwave 800 Watt230100016000.21250
CPAP with Humidifier230606081600
30" - 40" 4K TV23010012031375
X Box One23011211221280
Dometic CFX3512356524.5442
13"-15" Laptop230707031262
Desktop and LED monitor 23025025031937
13" Macbook Pro230616131229
Household Fan230808081800
12.9in iPad pro53701141
ResMed Airsense 10 CPAP230539081508
Ninja 1000W Blender23040010000.1150
Sony Alpha 7 Lii51600.1118
Wireless router 230620241180

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