Before you charge or power a device, such as a smartphone, laptop or fridge, you first need to accumulate power in a battery. This stored battery power is then used to charge or power your device(s).

As each solar panel and recharger varies in size, we put together some running time and charge time tables so you can gain a full understanding of what products are capable to handle your charging needs.

If you want the Goal Zero 101 check out our "How Solar Works" video.

Small recharges like the Flip series charge small devices such as phones and GoPros, The Sherpa is great for travel as it's the largest Power Bank allowed on aircraft and will still charge your laptop

Our Yeti range give you the most power with the ability to handle high drain devices such as fridges, TV's and even electric jugs. If you're looking to power a van conversion, tiny home, off-grid cabin or even essential appliances during a power outage, these are your best choice.

Below we’ve compiled a table of Goal Zero battery/recharger takes to recharge from various solar panels, USB and wall. This allows you to mix-and-match rechargers and solar panels to provide customised power solutions.

*Please note that product recharge times will vary depending on various elements including panel angle, sun quality and cloud coverage. These times are to be used as a guide.


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