First Look: Yeti 500X

First Look: Yeti 500X

We were stoked to be able to take the new Yeti 500X with us on a recent weekend camping trip.

The Yeti ran our 80 Litre Companion fridge throughout the three days. The fridge proved very efficient, no doubt helped by the winter temperatures, and we still had more than 10% charge left in the Yeti 500X when we started our trip back home.

This was pretty fortunate as the sun wasn’t our friend over the weekend and we didn’t even get the solar panel out!

We didn’t have phone coverage, so the phones stayed in the car and we didn’t need to use the Yeti USB ports for charging. My sister left her drone at home (doh!), so we didn’t even use the Yeti’s built-in 300 Watt inverter.

We are looking forward to getting out for some more camping as the weather warms up and the Yeti 500X will be one of the first things we pack!


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