Solar Kits

Your complete portable solar power kit in a ready to go plug and play option so you can start your adventures, sooner rather than later. From small handheld devices perfect for mobile phone, right up to our larger devices to power laptops and fridges, you'll find a solar panel and battery pack to suit your needs. If you are still having trouble choosing the best portable solar pack solution then please feel free to visit one of our retailers or Contact Us.

Yeti 1000X Boulder 100 Kit


Yeti 1500X Boulder 100 Kit


Yeti 3000X Boulder 200 Kit


Yeti 500X Bundle


Yeti 6000X Boulder 200 Mega Kit


Yeti 1000X Boulder 200 Kit


Yeti 200X Nomad 50 Kit


Yeti 1500X Adventure Kit


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